Paul the Octopus Spain to Win

Paul the Octopus that has been picking winners throughout this year’s world cup match says Spain will carry home the World Cup. The game is about to start. We’ll find out how Paul’s prediction turns out. As for me… Viva Espana! Read more »

Fern Stanton Makes the Best Winter Hats

It got cold in Bend last month, and I realized that I wanted a nice winter hat. Inspired by my friend Brianna’s beautiful bearskin fur hat I began searching for something, distinctive. I found Fern Stanton near Lake Tahoe. Her hats are amazing! They’re custom made with wonderful faux fur, and they look great. I […] Read more »

Winter Gives Bend a Sneak Peek Preview!

This was the scene from the front porch this morning. It’s October 4th, and we’re in the middle of a blizzard. Mt Bachelor says that there’s 3-4 times as much snow coming down at 6300 ft, and I’m hoping (praying) that this means we’re in for a fabulous ski season. Things may be a bit […] Read more »

Typhoons and Terrorists: My 9/11

Eight years ago on September 11th 2001 I was the Leading Chief Sonar Technician onboard USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54 homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Tuesday September 11th broke with a typhoon heading towards Tokyo Bay so our daily task was to secure the ship for the storm. Around noon someone made a decision to send everyone […] Read more »

August Explodes with Excitement

The first weekend in August just exploded with tons of great events going on, and lots of excitement. Working with On The Go-Go I had the opportunity to go see Sugarland at the Les Schwab amphitheater, interview Kim Breedlove, the master luthier behind Breedlove Guitars, and finally cover a concert by Blues Legend Johnny Winter. […] Read more »

Election 08 The Final Week

It’s one week before the 2008 Presidential Election. Heading into this last week of the campaign the mainstream media and the polls have Senator Barack Obama leading Senator John McCain. Most of these sources are reporting this as if it’s a slam-dunk for Obama. When I look at the polls though I see a very […] Read more »

Thunderclouds in Hammond

Hammond, Louisiana sits in the middle of South East Louisiana in beautiful farm country. The terrain is not so exquisite as some place I’ve visited before like here or here, or here. The recreation opportunities don’t look like this. But sometimes the awesomeness of the sky makes up for it. Summer time in South East […] Read more »